What’s the Most Read Publication Amongst UK Dentists?

Dentists The Dentistry magazine has overtaken other dental reading materials in the UK to become the most read publication amongst dentists, based on British Dental Industry Association’s (BDIA) readership survey in February.

Dentistry has reached its 23rd year of publication in 2017, and it has garnered the top spot for the first time, beating other publications such as the British Dental Journal, The Dentist and The Probe. Whether it’s the latest news on dental laboratory equipment or modern techniques, 64 per cent of surveyed dentists in the country said that they have read Dentistry more often than any other publication.

Reading Frequency

What led Dentistry to be the most read publication has to do with name recall. The BDIA survey showed that 88 per cent of dental professionals are familiar with the magazine. Despite the growing use of online resources for dental information, this indicated traditional media remained relevant.

Aside from being a reliable source of information for products manufactured in a dental laboratory, the magazine also features scholarly articles that aim to keep dentists well-informed about important updates in the industry.

Being updated about innovative technologies is just as important as being aware of historical events, including the dental practices of our closest relative — the Neanderthals.

Ancient Dentistry

A study led by the University of Adelaide with the University of Liverpool in the UK claimed that Neanderthals were knowledgeable on how to treat pain associated with dental problems. The research based its theory on DNA from dental plaque samples of four Neanderthals in Belgium and Spain.

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The researchers discovered that plaque from one Neanderthal in Spain had traces of poplar — a plant containing salicylic acid, which is the active ingredient of aspirin. Contrary to popular belief, Neanderthals already knew how to self-medicate thousands of years before humans developed penicillin, said Professor Alan Cooper with the University of Adelaide.

Dentists should constantly read industry publications when finding new tools to help them with their practice. These also feature interesting studies that will broaden their knowledge of dental industry’s past, present and future.