What to Know about Singapore’s School Holidays

little boy in cable car during holiday vacationSingapore has one of the fewest public holiday entitlements in Asia. With only 11, it pales in comparison with South Korea, which has 16. The good news is that the city-state is in a strategic location in South East Asia. The Garden City has become a major tourist spot. Furthermore, it has a lot of attractions that make for excellent day trips for locals and travellers alike.
For many students, these holiday breaks are a welcome respite from Singapore’s competitive educational system. Here are two things that parents should know about school holidays and activities in Singapore:

1. Day trips are possible

These holidays often provide families with a perfect excuse to travel to nearby attractions. These include Malaysia and Indonesia, which are only a few hours away. But you could find great day trips in the country itself.
One of these is the 500-acre island resort Sentosa – The State of Fun. It offers a wide variety of school holiday activities. These include bungee jumping, cable car riding, and exploring Universal Studios. There are also some restaurants, hiking trails, and outdoor shows.
For those who want to visit more places on the island resort, they can add walking tours and go to various beaches. These include Palawan, Siloso, and Tanjong beaches.

2. Make sure you know the school schedule

Most of the public school holidays in Singapore are scheduled. The responsibility rests on the Ministry of Education (MOE). It usually releases the schedule of the holidays and school breaks around September of the previous year.
Know your child’s schedule and be interested in what kind of activities your child’s school offers. Many parents should be able to plan their trips or their children’s school holiday activities around this schedule.
Singapore’s location gives parents and their children a great chance to enjoy different kinds of educational trips and activities. The city-state also has some of the best local attractions in South East Asia, making it easier for families to spend their school holidays in different ways.
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