What to Do with Your Week-long Vacation

a woman cheering for the long weekend with a laptop on her lapWhat can your family do in a week? At home, it may seem like such a routine, especially if children go to school on the weekdays and parents go to work. Before you know it, the week is done. You get two days to break away from that routine, and next week it’s back again.

A week-long vacation can be unexpectedly long. You’ll be surprised at how much you can do with that time. Here are just some things to start with:

Stay Indoors

With a full week of vacation ahead, go easy on yourself and take the first day just to stay indoors, order room service, and relax with a good movie. If you find yourself in Fish Creek and rent a townhouse condominium for the week, ask the owner if you may cook. That way, it will be as relaxing as possible. If they don’t allow you to cook, peruse their menu and use this opportunity to try their bestselling dishes.

Go to State Parks

There’s a lot to be learned about the place by seeing how they care for nature. Some states have an abundance of national parks you can visit, while others resort to man-made structures. It’s not just about the location; some of them pay special attention to nature, and it becomes their way of life. You’ll want to take advantage of the location to see beautiful rock formations, falls, sunsets, and whatnots, usually for free.

Do a Variety of Activities

A week’s worth of activities doesn’t have to be all intense, time-consuming, and muscle numbing. Adrenaline can only take you so much. If you’re going to a ski destination, a day of skiing followed by a day of less intense activities will do just fine. If you’re going rock climbing or trekking, your body will appreciate the rest that follows. It’s a good way to recharge the mind and to let it be excited about what you’ll do next.

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Everyone needs time away from their rigorous schedule. A week is all you need to come back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.