What Happens When Your Tooth Decay Hits Rock Bottom (Literally)

Root Canal Treatment in IndianapolisTooth decay may seem mundane under normal circumstances, but it can take a severe turn. When this happens, your overall dental health is at risk. Decaying debris can form pus or abscess on the tooth, resulting in swelling or bone loss.

To salvage what is left of your teeth, you may need treatments, such as root canal therapy. Gentle Dentist, a dental office in Indianapolis, explains that the basic function of this treatment is to remove the infected tissue from the tooth and prevent further damage.

Root canal treatments may be painful, but this shouldn’t stop anyone from seeking it. Potential complications of not seeking root canal treatment when recommended:


Upon the onset of infection, the tooth’s tissue (pulp) starts to die. You may experience tooth abscess, swollen gums, foul breath, and even fever. The only way to revive the tooth is to prevent further infection by root canal treatment.

Unbearable pain

In most cases, patients need a root canal because of the stubborn and severe tooth ache that reaches the head and ears. The pain is so debilitating that it can disrupt your daily chores and activities. The only way to rid of the agony is letting the pulp die or seeking a root canal. The first one is not an option if you don’t want to lose your tooth for good.

Vicious Cycle of Pain and Infection

While some issues in life will go away eventually, oral problems are different. If left untreated, they tend to multiply in severity. The bacteria in the pulp can travel to the roots of the tooth and into the gums and jaw tissues. It feeds the excruciating, pus-filled abscess, leading to systemic inflammation. This can put you at risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Granted that the pain goes away, it doesn’t mean the underlying problems are gone.

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The good news is you can prevent and treat tooth decay. Just follow your dentist’s treatment plan for you and this won’t be your fate.