What Causes Tooth Discolouration? Six Common Examples

Man smiling with yellow teethNot all people are born with teeth of the same shade of white. Over time, however, even the most sparkling teeth may lose their attractive whiteness.

There is an answer to such a concern, however. See your dentist about teeth whitening treatments But before that, here are some of the most common reasons for tooth discolouration.

Some foods and drinks

The most common culprits behind discoloured teeth are coffee, tea, wines and soft drinks. “Natural” foods like fruits tend to leave some stains too, such as apples. Potatoes and other vegetables are also guilty.

Too much fluoride

You may be surprised that fluoride – the same anti-cavity ingredient we look for in toothpaste – also causes tooth discolouration when taken in large amounts. The water you drink may have fluoride, your toothpaste and mouthwash, and even food supplements.

Poor dental hygiene

You can remove stains from what you eat or drink by brushing your teeth, but if you have poor dental hygiene, the stains may become more difficult to get rid of. Plaque is another problem if you do not brush, floss and gargle using an effective mouthwash.

Disease and trauma

Some conditions may change the colour of your teeth’s dentin or their enamel. In some cases, it is the disease plus the treatment that affects colour. If your mother had an infection while you were in her womb, that might explain the development of your discoloured teeth.

Tobacco use

Chewing or smoking tobacco products causes staining and quickens plaque formation.

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Getting older may also play a factor in teeth discolouration, as the enamel begins to wear. Dentin, which is naturally yellowish, will reveal.

In-office teeth whitening is typically more effective and long lasting than whitening with a kit you bought from the drugstore or supermarket. One complete treatment may keep your teeth looking great for up to six months.

Avoid indulging in strong-coloured foods and drinks to make sure your whitening treatment lasts a long time.