Ways to Keep Your Kids Away From Drugs

A teenager passed out with a handful of drags in front of her Drug abuse is a serious epidemic in Utah. Statistics show that over 30% of individuals take prescription and illegal drugs, and an average of more than 20 people have died each month from substance abuse since 2014.

What is frightening is the age range of the people affected by this menace. It is 18 years and above, which means you and your kids can be victims. Know that there are addiction recovery facilities here in Salt Lake City that can help, such as Renaissance Ranch Outpatient.

But before that, here are some of the things you can do to ward off this cancer from your home.

Begin With Yourself

Avoid being part of the problem. In 2016, the Guardian reported that one-third of adults in the state were into different kinds of prescription medicines and illegal drugs; and, according to Fox13, almost half of residents know someone who is struggling with substance abuse.

Meddle While You Still Can

Your kids may hate you for it, but consciously intervening with their lives will help them in the long run. Prevention is still better than cure. The earlier you detect that something is wrong, the better your chances of nipping it in the bud.

Get to Know Your Community

Being part of a supportive neighborhood always helps prevent drug-related problems. It is better to be safe than sorry, so take the time to verify if your children are part of the right crowd. By getting to know your community, you also discover groups they can be part of.

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Encourage Them to Be Active

As mentioned above, once you find the appropriate group and venue, get your kids involved in activities such as team sports, arts, community development, and the like. When they immerse themselves in a special interest group with proper values, they avoid trouble.

However, if your child, or someone you know, does suffer from substance abuse, know that it is never too late. Rehabilitation is still the way to go. There are facilities in Salt Lake City that can help.