Water is the Best Friend of Every Person with Invisalign

Invisalign More and more people have been turning to Invisalign as their teeth straightening treatment of choice, and it comes as no surprise. The treatment uses removable and near-invisible aligners, making it comfortable and convenient for the patient to use. With that said, your decision to undergo the treatment is not something you will regret.

The next step to settling the duration and Invisalign costs is finding a way to make it through the treatment successfully. Here’s a tip: water is everyone’s orthodontic best friend. It keeps you hydrated, the aligners clean and your dentist happy.

Water Matters for Aligner Care

Your dentist will appreciate you getting in the habit of brushing your teeth after you eat, but it does not mean you should use toothpaste to clean your aligners as well. Toothpaste contains ingredients that potentially cause aligner stains and odours, so your best bet for cleaning them is water — or a mild soap if you are keen on it.

Moreover, make it a morning ritual to keep your aligners in a glass of water with a cleaning tablet. The routine will keep them nice and clean. It will keep you from having strong morning breath as well.

Water Keeps Your Mouth Comfortable

Speaking of bad breath, keep in mind that staying hydrated helps you avoid it. Drink water as much as you can to keep yourself hydrated and your mouth comfortable; It will prevent bacteria from building up and a foul odour from developing in your mouth.

On another note, other beverages are not always an ideal match for your Invisalign aligners. The warm temperature of coffee or tea, for instance, could cause the aligners to warp. Meanwhile, red wine and other coloured drinks could stain them. With that said, you have to watch what you drink and make sure that, when you do drink, it is predominantly water.

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Invisalign are a popular teeth straightening treatment. Maximise its benefits by taking care of your mouth and the aligners with water.