Walk Taller and Straighter with Braces

BracesTeeth can be straightened at any age. Maybe someone has had a misalignment they have been aware of since they were young or one has developed later in life – either way, it is something that can be addressed now with braces and it is likely to take less time and trouble than most people think.

A clinic such as Garden View Dental in Beaconsfield might have a range of options to suit many different patients. Each will take a different amount of time and will have different benefits and challenges. Many dentists can offer traditional braces, clear or tooth coloured braces and aligners. They can also often show a person an idea of what their teeth will look like once the realignment has taken place so that they have something to look forward to.

Will it hurt?

Moving teeth does cause some sensations in the mouth. When they are first fitted, braces can take a little getting used to and patients are taught to care for them properly by their dentist. There are some tips on food and activities that can help with the sensations.

After a while, the patient will get used to the shift and the feelings in the mouth will settle down again. At regular intervals, they will revisit the dentist and the dentist will make adjustments to ensure that the teeth keep moving. After this adjustment, it is likely that the patient will feel some discomfort again for a short period. This process is repeated until the teeth move into the desired position. Treatment time can be from as little as six months depending on the amount of adjustment needed.

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After the braces are removed, patients are given either a fixed or removable retainer to wear for a period of at least one year to ensure that the teeth stay in place.

Whilst braces can be a long term commitment involving these periods of adjustment, most agree that it is worth it for the long term benefits in terms of the look and feel of the mouth. It is also good for overall dental health and makes teeth easier to take care of.