Visit Other Cities in France — Not Just Paris

A person enjoying a hot cup of chocolateFrance is a popular tourist destination; it is one of the most visited countries in Europe. Almost everyone dreams of visiting this country. And hopeless romantics around the world still hope to visit Paris, for it is the most romantic city in the world. But Paris is not the only place France has to offer. The country is geographically diverse. You may still visit Paris, but it would be a shame not to visit other parts of the country too.

These are some places that might interest you:

The French Alps 

Here you can find one of the world's best ski resorts, the Val d’Isere. The French Alps is famous for breathtaking scenery; might as well have your ski holidays in Val d’Isere.


For a city that is rich in culture and history, visit Marseille. It earned the name “European Capital of Culture” in 2013. Are you an art and history lover? Visit museums and admire the beautiful architecture found here.


This is the city to go to if you want to see old churches, visit art museums, and taste delicious wine.

The City of Strasbourg

Do you want to experience both French and German architecture? You can find the European Parliament, European Court of Human Rights, and the Council of Europe in this City.


This one is for food lovers. Lyon should be on your to-go list when in France. It is the “Gastronomy Capital of the World.”

French Riviera

This destination experiences warm climate throughout the year. This is where the rich and famous spend their free time. So while you are sightseeing, you might see some celebrities.

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France has stunning scenery, beaches, quiet villages, beautiful countrysides and historical buildings. There are just so many choices. So before booking a flight to France, first decide on what you want to see and what you want to do. Because although there is nothing wrong with visiting and falling in love with Paris, there is more to France than just the Eiffel Tower. For a full cultural experience, make sure you explore the rest of the country as well.