UTV: Alternative and Unconventional Uses

An example of a utv vehicle If you live in the city, your chances of seeing Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs) can be quite low, unless someone is using it as a daily vehicle to show off and feel sporty. Why? Because UTVs usually run on unpaved roads, something most cities do not have.

If you have tried riding on a UTV for fun during one of your vacations, you might be surprised to know that UTVs are not just for recreational purposes. Below are alternative uses of UTVs, aside from riding it for fun.

Search and rescue operations

UTV is widely used for search and rescue operations especially when the area is not accessible to ordinary vehicles. UTV expert Shank’s Argo said these vehicles could navigate the most unfriendly of roads.

Because of its built, UTV is the perfect choice of transportation for a rescuer to help them reach steep or rocky places.

Extensive hauling

Aside from having access to hard to reach places, UTVs have a wider range of capacity as compared to other types of vehicle. Therefore, if you need to go on an extensive hauling, you can use these modes of transportation.


This might not be the most pleasant way to use UTV, but you can use the vehicle as a companion for hunting animals in the forest. Whether you have extra accessories or not, it would be easier for you to bring home the bacon and feast on it over dinner.

Use as golf cart

It might be way larger compared to a normal golf cart, but when it comes to functionality, UTVs can perform as well. Its huge compartment capacity makes it a favorite, albeit unconventional, golfing companion.

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Planning to get a UTV for yourself? These and many other functions would surely make your purchase worth it. It might not be the most popular choice for a vehicle, but it can definitely help you with life’s practical aspects.