Unleash Your Inner Otaku: 3 Places in Tokyo to Geek Out In

cosplayTokyo is one of the best places to geek out and unleash your inner otaku.  Anime, manga, cosplay, toys, robots, future tech — they have it all. Wondering what to do in Tokyo? No matter fandom you are part of, you’ll have something to see or do in the three districts below.

1. Akihabara

If you can only visit one area in Tokyo, it’s got to be Akihabara. Akihabara is a large district filled with everything the otaku in you can want. Find the latest gadget or obscure technology in any of the hundreds of electronic shops that line the district.

Things related to manga, anime and games are everywhere, and people won’t even bat an eyelid if you go out dressed as your favourite anime character.

2. Ikebukuro

Girl power is the theme of Ikebukuro. Not the extreme feminism in Western societies — but the celebration of femininity.

Shops feature kawaii (cute) merchandise, including toys, cosmetics, and even costumes. Maid cafes are also popular in Ikebukuro — but instead of maids, they’ll have polite butlers that will gladly serve and protect their young mistress.

3. Nakano

Serious shoppers know that Nakano is the best place to find rare anime collectibles or forgotten Japanese pop culture relics. The Nakano Broadway contains some of the most eclectic shops in Tokyo under one roof.

Name your obsession — anime, manga, 80s collectibles, wrestling — whatever it is, you’ll find it there. Outside the Broadway, restaurants line the streets, each one unique in its own special way.

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Yes, you can leave your adult self behind when you go to Tokyo. Allow yourself to indulge in whatever nerdiness you like. Grab that final piece for your collection — or better yet, start a new one. Be a ninja, a mecha pilot or a shrine maiden — you’re only there for a short time so let your inner child run free.