Tips on How to Prepare for an Ultrasound

Ultrasound Clinic in ChicagoMany people associate the word “ultrasound” with pregnancy. But this medical procedure is done to check the area where you feel swelling or pain. It is also requested by doctors so they can have an internal view of your organs such as gall bladder, kidneys, ovaries, livers, pancreas, thyroid, uterus, testicles and spleen. An ultrasound procedure can even be done to check the brain of infants.

The preparations for an ultrasound procedure largely depend on the organ that needs to be scanned. Normally, doctors ask patients to fast for a minimum of eight hours prior to an ultrasound so that the technician can get a clearer view of your abdomen. There are also some foods you cannot eat prior to an ultrasound, especially that of the spleen, gallbladder or liver. Your doctor would require you to go on a fat-free diet the night before the ultrasound procedure. If your doctor wants to get an ultrasound of your bladder, you will be told to drink plenty of water. The ultrasound for this particular organ is often taken when the bladder is full.

While fasting is often associated with an ultrasound procedure, patients are allowed to continue drinking water. While doctors don’t normally tell the patients to stop taking prescribed medications prior to an ultrasound, it is best to inform your healthcare provider of any vitamins and medications you are currently taking so they can take them into consideration when they study your files. The same can be said for any herbal medications you might be taking.

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It is also important to inform your doctor of any allergies that you may have experienced in prior similar procedures. This will help the medical team at an ultrasound clinic in Chicago prepare for any possible negative reactions you may have in terms of medications. The level of comfort largely depends on the area being scanned. Some patients are given a sedative to help them relax through the procedure.