Three Ultimate Things to Do in Bath

Scenic view of City of Bath, Somerset, EnglandAs the only city in the UK designated as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, the city of Bath is a picture-perfect location in every turn. It is only too easy to step into Jane Austen’s shoes and see the city the way she did.

The impeccably preserved architecture and landmarks will surely give you a whole lot of incredible memories to treasure, whether you plan a long, relaxing vacation, or a quick, rejuvenating short break in Bath, and a stay in Bailbrook Lodge.

Take photos of the landmarks: The Royal Crescent

The whole city is literally a masterpiece, and it is only fitting that you take photos to capture its beauty and breathtaking elegance. The Royal Crescent was built by John Wood the Younger (circa 1775) and has 30 houses comprising the impressive half-ellipse architectural wonder. You can also explore No. 1 Royal Crescent, the first house built that is now preserved period-style by the Bath Preservation Trust.

Stroll around the Prior Park Landscape Garden

Bath’s beautiful incorporation of nature in the city itself makes it the ideal locale for your short break, and nothing beats the Prior Park Landscape Garden. These National Trust grounds were designed in part by Alexander Pope and Capability Brown, a half-hour walk that takes you through a wood-flanked valley and a lake adorned by a delicate Palladian bridge. The peaceful view is relaxing and enriching.

Dip into the Roman Baths

Bath was originally founded by the Romans as a thermal spa in the 18th century, and the Roman Baths are a Palladian wonder to behold and explore. It will not be a complete experience if you do not get to immerse in some of the 1,170,000 litres of streaming, rejuvenating spring waters that fill these historical sites. There are also educational, interactive museums that showcase the treasures and peeks into its Roman past, and you get to take in the curative properties of the 43 minerals from the spa water by visiting the Pump Room.

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The city takes Georgian elegance and priceless history, and fuse them together with the convenience of the 21st century, it is a must to do at least these three things while exploring the area.