This is Why You Should Spend Your Next Winter in Alaska

Tourists Skiing in AlaskaWhile there are many great skiing locations all over the world, Americans still prefer Alaska, and for many good reasons. The state guarantees tourists a unique and amazing skiing experience; one that gives them bragging rights.

And with it boasting of remoteness and snow that excellently combines density and moisture, it’s easy to see why so many winter sports enthusiasts have fallen in love with this place.

A Vast Winter Playground

Alaska is basically a massive winter playground. It’s the largest state in the country, yet it’s the most sparsely populated. This means skiers and snowboarders don’t have to worry about bumping into each other. They have miles and miles of ground to cover, giving them a lot of free space to enjoy the sport, whether they are still learning or they want to practice and hone their skills.

Must-Visit for Heli Skiing

With more than 1.7 million square kilometers of land covered with snow, there’s no question Alaska is a great place for heli skiing and cat skiing. And the small population of the place further adds to the excitement.

There are no less than 10 heli-ski operators in the state, with many of them found around Valdez. Some will find great deals in Chugach Range and Cordova. Single and multi-day trips are available. Best of all, a ski tour in Alaska usually comes with an affordable price tag – even cheaper than flying to another country. It’s also worthy to note that the most inexpensive component of these tours is usually the accommodations.

Great for Any Skill Level

While a huge percentage of the terrain and trails cater to the stronger, more advanced riders, there are plenty of other spots that are perfect for beginners. With a wide array of ski and snowboarding schools to choose from, beginners will definitely feel welcome here.

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For your next winter adventure, make sure you consider Alaska as one of your primary options. You’ll be glad you did.