There’s No Denying It – Being Beautiful Is the Norm Today

A woman doing her skin routine in her bathroomIt’s undeniable that society today gives the highest regards for beauty. This is also the reason why both men and women always aim to look their very best day in and day out.

Have you ever wondered why Hollywood stars would constantly visit medical spas just to ensure that their faces would remain beautiful? The answer is quite simple actually. When people would see that they’re no longer the beautiful celebrities whom they look up to, they would start losing interest. The end of it would be less movie and TV offers. But if you look at the underlying situation, this clamor for physical beauty does not only affect movie stars. It also affects the regular guy and gal.

Still not convinced? Here are some things that will make you realize how important beauty is nowadays.

The Workplace

When you enter an office, you will notice that the girl who sits behind the oak desk is always dressed impeccably. She is the tall, flawless-skinned woman who has the perfect set of eyebrows and with just the right makeup on. In short, she is somebody you can consider beautiful.

On the other hand, the unkempt girl wearing boots and with freckles on her face sits at the farthest corner of the office and would hardly look up to talk to guests. This is a typical scenario, and here you can see how beauty is given a lot of weight.

As exemplified by Newsweek, many job applicants who are qualified but are unattractive find it hard to land jobs as compared to those “attractive” ones. The girl at the corner of the office mentioned here is an example of an unattractive female who landed a job but finds it hard to ask for a promotion.

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The School

In school, the most popular girl is just like that woman behind the desk. She has great-looking skin, shiny hair, perfect figure and a smile that could melt hearts. Whether it is in the university setting or in high school, such traits are always in demand.

This is why today, many college students would visit a med spa in Utah so that they will be ready to take on the competitive corporate world the moment they graduate. In fact, according to Business Insider, a study found that beautiful women are more persuasive, an advantage that they can use during interviews or promotions.

The Political Arena

Aside from the workplace and the school, it has been quite a common trend for beautiful individuals to win elections. Think of Sarah Palin, Kirsten Gillibrand, Mitt Romney, and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. It would seem that the trend today is to vote for people who don’t only have the brains to run the government but they must have the looks too.

This high regard for beauty has gotten a lot of people to undergo Botox and other aesthetic and non-surgical cosmetic procedures at a med spa. Studies have shown time and again how beauty can affect one’s personal life, school life and career. So whenever you leave your homes, make sure that you look beautiful. You’ll never know what opportunities await you.