The Valleys Are Alive: A Celebration of Sports and Culture at Les Arcs

A Celebration of Sports and Culture at the Les Arcs SummitCable car rides, woodland runs, long descents on snow – what’s not to love about Les Arcs?

As if they have not given us enough reasons to fall head over heels for the mountains already, an event is making a comeback at the Les Arcs Summit this holiday season, and it is one that will surely sweep skiers and cinephiles off their feet.

On the 10th up to the 17th day of December, the Les Arcs European Film Festival will take place at the Les Arcs Summit, Savoie, France. Other than the 100 films to be shown on the eight days, there will be concerts, DJ sets and VR booths for the holiday nightlife every partygoer craves.


The ARC 1950 Coproduction Village hand-picks the 10 new European films for Crystal Arrow, the film festival’s Official Competition, that will be showcased in front of a large audience at Les Arcs, 800 professionals and potential business partners, as well as cinema distributors who know a great film when they see one. The Les Arcs European Film Festival is a good opportunity not only for the film enthusiasts but also for the film creators themselves who value their art and want to share it with the world.

There are a few other categories for film entries this holiday season at Les Arcs, such as Nouvelles Femme de Cinéma, a celebration of European women filmmakers; Playtime, a collection of action movies, thrillers and comedies; Hauteus, representing diverse auteur cinema; screenings for the younger audiences, and; films that merge both cinema and music.

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Down the Slopes

Let’s not forget the reason Les Arcs is one of the world’s favourite go-to getaway spots while they are dreaming of a White Christmas: skiing.

During the festival, there will be a European Cinema Ski Cup for both cinema professionals and novice skiers alike, so make sure to have your gear waxed before you head out to the summits. Chartreuse will award the winners of the ‘Green Race’ skiing competition.

When you choose to spend your holidays in Les Arcs, you’re in for nights of skiing, films and loads of fun.