The Right Things to Do if you are a Beginner at Snowboarding

Man snowboardingSnowboarding is an exciting sport and one for the adrenaline junkie, but it can be pretty extreme and dangerous, especially if you are a beginner. The staff at mountain resorts near Chicago will assist you when it comes to snowboarding, but there are fundamental rules that you should follow when trying to play on the slopes.

Today, Chestnut Mountain Resort will give you tips on how to properly and safely navigate the slopes as a beginner snowboarder.

Wear the Right Protective Gear

Believe it or not, wearing proper snowboarding gear not only keeps you safe – it also helps you learn the sport faster. For beginners, getting lacrosse shorts and wrist guards is a must. Lacrosse shorts are meant to protect your crotch, hips, thigh, and tailbone. They are similar to a bicycle short and allows you to move freely.

Considering the mittens that you will be using should be your first thought when buying wrist guards. This is because the style of your mitts will accommodate your wrist guards and help it become more comfortable for you when holding your gear.

Focus your Eyes on Where You Want to Go

Make sure to fix your eyes on where you want to go. Your eyes will automatically adjust its focus when you’re near your preferred area, but it’s always smart to remind yourself to focus your eyes on where you want to go. This helps with your edge control, as your weight will automatically shift to where your eyes are focused, making you go where you want to. Practice this while walking or even where you’re at home to make sure that you’ll be able to apply it on the slopes.

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Avoid Practicing in Hard and Icy Conditions

Sure, it may be a rite of passage to ride during icy conditions, but this is a no-no if you want to get out of the slope safe. Illinois is currently experiencing hardcore winter conditions, and it would be best to wait for the fresh snow to drop before hitting the slopes. Avoid riding snow that’s been there for a couple of weeks, as this can be dangerous.

Always remember to follow these rules and you’ll be safe. Listen to your instructors to avoid any accident!