The New Invisalign Treatment for Overbites

Redwood Orthodontics Is your child self-conscious of his or her crooked teeth? Have you failed in convincing your child to wear traditional braces? More than you probably know or realize, crooked teeth can cripple your teen child’s self-confidence.

Although you may say otherwise, research shows that mothers usually underestimate the extent of their child’s self-conscious emotions. Yes, you can have your child wear traditional metal braces, but they tend to worsen a child’s lack of confidence.

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New Invisalign

Fortunately, you can choose another solution recently unveiled last March. Invisalign has long been around to be famous for its straightening solution using clear aligners.

Although the company that owns Invisalign already offered straightening solutions for adults and teenagers before, past solutions left out people who suffer from Class II malocclusions.


Class II malocclusions simply mean overbites, underbites, or overjets. Treatment for such orthodontic issues not only deals with the alignment of teeth but also the repositioning of the jaw. Old treatments focus on the alignment and the repositioning in different phases, leading to a longer treatment period.

Mandibular Treatment

Invisalign, however, now offers a new teen version of its clear aligners designed with “precision wings” that serve to pull the jawbone forward. The aligners then perform as intended with the alignment of crooked teeth. The new product goes by the name Invisalign Teen with mandibular advancement.

Perks of Invisalign

When you have heard of Invisalign in the past, then you probably know the benefits it brings already. For those who have only found out about Invisalign here, Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners that incrementally align teeth. Invisalign treatment takes longer and costs higher, yet the aligners removable.

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Invisalign can also work perfectly for your self-conscious child since the clear aligners will make it hard for people to notice your child is wearing them.

When your child needs Class II treatment, you can trust Invisalign Teen with mandibular advancement to fix the problem.