The Effect of Information Technology on Medical Field

IT in Medical FieldMedical records automation has been an ongoing concern since the early 1990s. In almost 30 years, there have been advances in technology, software, and workflow for the health field as well as for the IT components of these systems.

The Improved Solution

At the time, the solution was to send all scanned records to an encoding company to store them as medical records. Depending on the service, you either have scanned images or plain text of all patient records. Of course, each solution has their separate issues.

Scanned images were difficult to index for individual record fields. On the other hand, the plain text solution had problems with the integrity of the scan and sometimes resulted in misspellings. As these solutions evolved, patient record transcripts replaced the paper patient records.

Solution to Record Keeping 

The current wave of medical record solutions promises to be something that will evolve on its own. With neural networks and machine learning, the recordings can be converted to database entries at the source. That means the primary source of the database field is the person doing the voice recording. From their office, the record is converted and stored in the cloud. Among these solutions is SayIt Medical Software.

One offset of this method is the inclusion of a workflow solution. This is where the solution revolves around. In this case, a workflow is an automated flow of activities that are triggered from the initial record. What that means is that once a recording is done on the computer, this is automatically converted to a database entry. The individual entries can be cross-referenced according to the database indexes. In addition, the user can also put in additional data flow for specific cases.

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There are a lot of innovations going on in the IT industry, and the confluence of these developments can sometimes be surprising. In this case, although the technological high point is the machine-learning component, the real key to automation is the workflow. With these, the system can continue to learn on its own as well as adjust to workflow changes.