The Different Services Your Dentist May Also Offer

Dental CareOral care is fairly straightforward. You learned as a child that it’s important to care for your teeth. Every time you indulged in all that candy you got trick-or-treating with the neighbors, your parents would remind you to brush your teeth after. Tooth decay was like a painful, torturous experience all bottled up and dangled right in front of you to make you jump and head straight for the bathroom sink.

Then as you grew a little older, your dentist reminded you about flossing at least once a day to complement the work that your twice-a-day brushing did on your teeth. Whether or not you stuck to the habit, you were reminded of it at some point.

It never ended with the flossing and brushing. You started going to the dentist and getting some work done on your teeth, whether it was braces or cleaning. Those are not the only reasons you should have a dentist, though. Do not forget, your dentist can do a lot more work. Here are some examples:

Dental appliances

There are many dental appliances that dentists use to answer the need of different patients. Some examples are braces, Invisalign clear teeth aligners, retainers, veneers, dentures, dental implants, and many others. If a patient needs some work done on their teeth, dentists have an answer.

Cancer screening

Oral cancer screening is another service that many dentists provide. This is especially important for those who are getting on in years, and those who have a smoking or drinking habit. A dentist may recommend a physician, as well, if there are signs of cancer.

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TMJ treatment

If you’ve been wondering about what causes jaw pain, it might be a temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). The Jaw Health Resource noted that some cases are temporary and resolve themselves after a few days, but there are those that persist and cause a considerable amount of discomfort. Your dentist can diagnose what is causing the pain and recommend some treatment programs.

Your dental health is the primary concern of your dentist, but there are also some services they offer that do not exactly relate to teeth. See your dentist for a full evaluation of your oral health today.