The Actor’s Survival Guide: Pertinent Questions When Preparing for a Big Role

Actor's Survival Guide in MurrayPreparing for a big role requires a lot of preparation. If you are offered to play such an important part, you will need to know the pre-requisites to fit the said role. This article shares a few common questions you will need to ask before signing that contract.

“What is My Role?” – Read the script and study the character carefully. If this role is based on a historical personality, a literary hero or has been performed before, you will need material to learn from, if you so choose to follow through. If this is a newly conceived role, talk to the writer or director what they want to see, shedding your own light on it.

“Who am I Acting With?” – Performing onstage or onscreen with a fellow actor can be both a challenge and proof of your skill. See if there’s a workable chemistry on-screen. Research on how mindful they are with fellow actors. If they’ve been around longer than you have, be prepared to learn from their performances and words of advice. Be cooperative with your peers and, most importantly, be kind to your juniors.

“What About My Present Projects?” – Remember that committing to a big project can make it nearly impossible for you to take on anything else. It can either be because of contractual obligations, such as an exclusivity requirement or a noncompetition clause; or due to scheduling or location concerns. See if your present commitments can still allow you to fit in this big project before deciding on anything.

“What Do I Need to Do?” – Find out what the higher-ups will require of you to get into your role, especially if it’s more than just the typical ritual of make-up, prosthetics, and costumes. If it means extreme physical changes that require visits to a Botox clinic, gym or plastic surgeon, consider the longer lasting effects these procedures will have on your career.

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If the answers suit you then by all means take the role. After all, this may eventually lead to bigger projects in the future. Congratulations and may you give the character justice.