Thackerville: a Great Place for Outdoor Activities

a couple drinking togetherAccording to the 2010 census, Thackerville is a small town of 445 people. Part of the Ardmore Oklahoma Micropolitan Statistical Area, it is close to the border between Oklahoma and Texas. If you want to have a vacation there, you can stay at River of Love Cabins, which is conveniently located in the woods. The area is a nature lover’s paradise with the Red River close by and several lakes within an hour’s drive.

Tourist Attractions

Although it is sparsely populated, the immediate region is home to several places of interest. The largest casino in the United States, Winstar World Casino, is located within ten minutes of the town. Along with a hotel and restaurant, it also has a PGA golf course and world-class entertainment. Going to Thackerville, most people would forego the casino and indulge in outdoor activities. Lake Murray State Park has a lot to offer for everyone. You can go horseback riding and fishing. The Chickasaw National Park is 46 miles from Thackerville, and it has mineral springs and wildlife. Turner Falls Park is another place to visit. It is the oldest park in Oklahoma and naturalists to visit its many attractions, including Honey Creek, which leads to a 77-foot waterfall.

More Attractions

Texas has a growing wine industry, and one of the leading vineyards is the Blue Ostrich Winery & Vineyard. Located only 45 minutes away, the vineyard is an excellent place to visit for a day trip. The vineyard was formerly a farm where hundreds of ostriches roamed the fields. During the peak of its operations, the farm was the best breeding facility in the southwest. When the owners decided to plant grapes and make wine, they turned to the iconic birds for inspiration.

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The area around Thackerville is dreamlike. It has plenty of places to visit and a wide range of activities. It would take a long while to explore the various parks and outdoor spots.