Summer Slimming: Top 3 Super Foods for Weight Loss

Healthy Food OptionsDieting experts will say that it is not always necessary to count every calorie as long as you veer away from carbs and maintain a low intake. Yet, you need to realise that losing weight fast and effectively depends mostly on the food you eat. Every human being needs food for energy. The secret to having a slim and healthy body is to find the right balance to every meal.

Lose that fat with cruciferous vegetables

First, cruciferous vegetables are not as hard to find as they are to spell. Some of the regular supermarket offers that fall under this category include cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli. If you like Brussels sprouts, then you are in luck because they come highly recommended as well. Other than high fibre content, cruciferous green vegetables contain high amounts of protein.

When you are in Singapore and ready to engage in a serious weight loss program, you can start stocking up on recipes for these vegetables.

Nutty goodness

While nuts are high in fat content, the kind of fat they contain will not necessarily make you fat. Nuts are high in protein and fibre, making them ideal components of your daily meals. Another important quality of nuts is their ability to boost a person’s metabolism. But watch out for the calorie count of the nuts you have in stock. You should not munch on a huge bowl of mixed nutty goodness until you see the bottom.

Make sure you have nuts in your diet, but eat them in moderation. Almond is always a good choice, as studies have demonstrated that people who ate almonds daily for a month did not gain a significant amount of weight.

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Choose avocados

Avocados can help you lose weight because they are filling and they keep you feeling satisfied. By adding fresh avocados to your meal, you will not feel the need to eat something else after finishing the portion you have prepared.

You say that you want to lose those extra pounds as soon as possible. Stock up on these super foods for weight loss and you are off to a good start.