Steps to Embrace Your Braces and Flash that Smile

Braces and Smile in LouisvilleDoes your smile embarrass you?

You can be less-than-thrilled about flashing those pearly whites in front of the camera for various reasons. If wearing braces as an adult is what causes you to shy away from smiling, don’t worry. You can work on a smile you’ll be proud of, as you embrace your braces. Here are the steps to do just that.

Ask About Braces

Maybe you already have yours on, but if you’re just about to get them, it’s best to ask what options are available. Orthodontists like the American Family Orthodontics in Louisville present a variety of choices for patients. Know that you don’t have to go with the highly visible metal type, as variations like the Invisalign are available.

Clear and ceramic braces are also becoming increasingly popular with adult patients, as they are virtually invisible. With several cosmetically appealing options available, all you have to do is see which matches you.

Do Away with Stiffness

Regardless of what type of braces you get, do away with a stiff expression that hardly resembles a smile. It will make you look awkward, which isn’t a pretty sight. If your braces are quite visible and you feel conscious because of it, try not to make it a big deal. A genuine smile with brace-covered teeth is always better than no smile at all.

If you’re that bothered, you may practice a new smile while looking at the mirror. A selfie camera is also helpful if you want to see how it’s going to look in photos and in different angles.

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Keep It Natural

Pretty teeth make a pretty smile. But, with or without braces, remember that you make that smile unique and special. If all that practicing and angling just won’t get into your system, go the natural route instead.

The best way to flash a genuine smile is to smile the way you always do, because it shows who you are. You may need a little help to be more confident about it, but after you’re done with your braces, you’ll have plenty to smile about. And, you’ll smile the way you always do; only now, you’ll do it with better teeth.

So, when smiling with braces, do it like you look forward to having a better smile because that’s what you’ll get. That’s how you embrace your current and post-brace look, and maybe, that’s also how you embrace the owner of that smile: you.