Say Hello to the Slopes, Kids: Introducing Your Little Ones to Skiing

Father and Son with Ski Gear in Ski ResortSkiing is one of the most fun activities a family can do during a holiday. No matter one’s age, people enjoy riding down the slopes and meeting new friends, according to Chestnut Mountain Resort. Naturally, parents want their children to take part in the experience.

If you’re taking your kids to the slopes for the first time, it pays to prepare them well. Children should learn the basics of how to handle themselves and sport the right apparel, after all. Here are some ways you can prep your little ones for a skiing holiday.

Pick out the Right Gear

Children are sensitive to the temperature, so parents should choose durable but comfortable winter apparel. Prepare the essentials like thermal underwear, a waterproof jacket and pants, ski socks, boots, eyewear, and a hat or helmet. Moreover, children should try them out prior to the holiday to make sure the clothes fit properly. This way the kids can also get a feel for their new equipment, which will help make them feel less anxious.

Parents should also pack sunscreen because even on a winter day, the sun’s rays can harm the skin.

Teaching Kids How to Ski

Before hitting the slopes, parents should give their kids the basics of skiing. Experts advise being sensitive about the terrain where they’re teaching their children. Parents could also buy edgie wedgies so it’ll be easier for their children to do a wedge turn. A gentle reminder, though: skiing down a hill with a kid between the legs is not a good idea. Most of the time, it could lead to entanglement that could ruin the fun.

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Taking Formal Skiing Lessons

It’s alright if parents won’t be the ones to introduce their kids to skiing. Formal ski lessons have the advantage of providing the child with a choreographed learning environment. Moreover, instructors conduct lessons in specially designed terrains with colorful cutouts that keep the children motivated.

Once they’ve gotten the hang of it, let the children ski to their heart’s content. They might not want to stop, though, so make sure they’re taking breaks, a hot cup of cocoa is a good motivation. Furthermore, talk to them about their experience at the end of the day. After they’ve had their first taste of skiing, they’ll surely look forward to the next winter holiday.