Recovering From Breast Augmentation? Here’s How You Can Heal Faster

Breast SurgeryAny type of breast surgery, including breast augmentation, is a major operation. While there are no shortcuts to recovery, there are things you can do to help you heal faster, such as avoiding activities that may lead to complications that prolong recovery time.

If you recently had breast augmentation, here are some tips to help you recover faster:

Deal With Nausea Proactively

After a major operation, it’s natural to feel a lot of pain and for many people, pain comes with nausea. For people who deal with nausea, even those who experience it for reasons other than breast surgery, it helps to ask your doctor if anti-nausea medications are part of your options. A knowledgeable surgeon such as Dr. Steven Warnock can provide useful advice to make you feel better in no time.

Exercise Moderately

Your surgeon would advise you to halt your normal exercise routine until after six weeks post-surgery. You can, however, do some moderate exercises such as walking. Be mindful, however, to not exert yourself too much. It is also important to rest fully post-surgery if you intend to do some heavy lifting and intense cardio exercises.

As for work, doctors normally advise taking at least 3 days off from work. Make sure you talk to your supervisor about taking a leave before you have the operation.

Prevent Swelling

Swelling, discoloration, and redness are some of the after-effects of breast augmentation. Normally, they subside after a few weeks, but many people still get bothered by these side effects. You can ask your doctor to give you some lotions and creams that can help with the tenderness and swelling.

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The most important thing you can do to heal faster is to give yourself plenty of rest. Make sure you follow your doctor’s advice for recovery, to help keep you from getting complications that could make recovery longer for you.