Privacy Policy

MATs Maps aims to be your compass and your guide as you explore different cultures and traditions around the world. By publishing content about lifestyle, travel, leisure, and health, we bring you all the information you need for a better life.

Below are the details about our privacy policy to protect your rights as a reader:

Logged Files

Like many other user-friendly websites, MATs Maps makes use of log files to gain internet protocol (IP) address, browser type, service provider, time stamps, and other analytical elements to help improve the usability of the site. The data collected will be used to study the demographic profile of every reader to allow us to adjust the content style appropriately. All log files collected are untraceable and not personally identifiable.

Cookies, Beacons, and Stored Data

To speed up your browsing experience, MATs Maps automatically implements your site preferences through the use of behavior tracking tools.

Whenever you read through our content, our internal system records your browser settings and IP address. All the data collected are only for user experience application only and will not be harmful to you in any way. We will never share or transfer your details to any entity for your online safety and security.

While in-site, our website may occasionally ask for your contact information if you’re not yet part of the mailing list. By signing up, you’ll get up-to-date newsletters, new features and travel entries as they are released. But, all these are optional.

All the information you provide are confidential and will not be disclosed to another party.

Policy Amendments

Our website policies may change to accommodate certain circumstances in the web and our business model. You may check this page regularly to know if there are any changes. You may also subscribe to get the latest information automatically.