Penge: A Must Visit in the UK

View of a London skylinePenge, the name itself is hard to pronounce. People who are not familiar with the United Kingdom would not even think that it is a city in the country. In reality, Penge is just among the number of suburbs that do not have a typical British city name. But aside from its unique sounding name, Penge is a place worth visiting.

After getting into the main tourist attraction in London, sidetracking to check on Penge and what it can offer is highly recommended. Aside from some good places to eat in Penge, here are other activities worth noting.

To experience the park

The Crystal Palace Park is one of the most famous parks in the area that will transport you back to the Victorian era. That, along with Betts Park, Cator Park and some recreational grounds can bring you close to nature, with various human inventions and the world’s wonders in general.

To eat good food

There are some good restaurants to fill up your stomach in Penge. These restaurants offer a wide variety of cuisine, from local food to European favourites and all the way to other Asian countries.

Whether you want to eat it in the restaurant or have it for takeaways, you would surely enjoy sumptuous meals in Penge.

Enjoy the beer

The area is also popular for its bars and pubs, and of course, beer. Do not leave the city, or the country without trying a glass (or a pint) of Penge beer.


You can get pretty much anywhere in London easily if you come from Penge. The transport system is so convenient that you just need to know where you want to go and you can easily reach that place.

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Include Penge in your next London itinerary and see the wonders the small suburb can offer.