Organs That Can Be Affected by Dental Problems

Dentist Fixing TeethYou have heard of the various dental problems such as cavities, uneven teeth, gingivitis and other oral diseases. Do you think that the teeth and gums are the only things affected when you get any of these dental problems? Think again. Know more about the importance of dental care on your general health when you visit your private dentist in Birmingham. The following organs can also become affected by infections that start in your mouth. 

The Heart

Numerous case studies have shown that your mouth's health is connected to your heart's well-being. Having a gum or tooth infection in your mouth heightens the risk of you getting heart disease. Early treatment can lower risks of heart disease and other heart ailments. If you want a healthier heart, then proper mouth care and regular dental check-ups are necessary additions to your health regimen.

The Nervous System

You may think that the teeth are mostly just bone and enamel, but underneath all that are nerves. These nerves connect to every part of the body, so an infection in your mouth can affect the rest of your body. Some people report of pain disappearing from their bodies because they had an infected tooth extracted.

The Lungs

Your mouth has a direct connection to your lungs via your throat and, more specifically, the windpipe. A strain of bacteria that infects your gums or teeth can easily travel to your respiratory organs. Regular visits to your private dentist in Birmingham can then assure you of a healthier respiratory system.
The proper function of these body parts can be jeopardised if you ignore your oral health. Don't put dental care aside. Make your regular dental check-ups a habit if you want to be truly healthy.
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