Oral Care 101: Start Small, Get Good Results

Oral Health A number of people underestimate the importance of a healthy smile. Some consider aesthetics as the sole purpose of maintaining a good set of pearly whites. On the contrary, it makes you feel better about yourself.

Not everyone, however, is fortunate enough to have terrific teeth.

The mouth is a breeding ground where both good and bad bacteria thrive. While the former is a must-have for good oral health, too many bad bacteria is enough to give you a manky smile. You try to visit the dentist regularly, but your schedule does not allow it.

As a result, you compromise your oral health

For Cuffley Village Dental Practice, while visiting the dentist should be part of your regular routine, there are a few small ways to care for your teeth naturally, as well:

Use a Straw

A number of beverages contain ingredients that are harmful to your teeth; sugar is the top enemy. These include fizzy drinks, energy drinks, iced teas and fruit juices. Regular consumption of these beverages can either erode your tooth enamel or result in heavy staining.

The best way is to avoid all of these totally. If you cannot resist, do not forget to use a straw. Straws minimise the contact between your teeth and these acidic drinks. Also, drink plenty of water after, to wash down the sugar and pigment.

Follow Good Brushing Techniques

Sweets are bad for your pearly whites, and knowing that might encourage you to grab a toothbrush and start brushing. But do not do so just yet!

Immediately brushing after consuming sugary or acidic beverages or treats is bad for your tooth enamel. Instead of hurting your teeth, rinse with water and wait an hour before brushing. Also, refrain from brushing too much or too hard to prevent worn-out enamel. Doing so might also result in gum recession. Brush gently and do so at least twice a day.

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Maintain Oral Hygiene

It’s the most common advice, but it is also important. A regular oral hygiene routine is the most effective way of them all. Always floss and brush and do not forget to see your dentist too. Professional cleanings get the hard-to-reach plaque out of the way.

A great smile does not require going great lengths. Sometimes, all you need is a little effort.