NHS England Makes a Move Against Sugary Beverages

Glasses of Soda

The time has finally come. NHS England has been in communication with NHS hospitals with a plan to reduce the presence of sugary foods and beverages in the vicinity. Many patients in these hospitals turn to the establishment for the food they will consume while in there.

Now, even members of the hospital staff are not immune to the calls to limit unhealthy snacks. It is certainly time for some healthy change.

For the Benefit of Patients and Staff

Around 700,000 NHS employees may be obese or overweight. The directive to cut down on the sale of sugary food in the hospitals is a way to reduce said health problems, as well as prevent tooth decay.

NHS has decided on the ban if shops will not comply with the proposed change in their sales technique: to reduce the sale of sugary drinks to 10% or less of their total sales.

Dental practices offering dental implants have long since warned against the overconsumption of sugar-rich food, which, according to The Gill Clinic, may hasten the decay of their teeth because of the bacteria that thrives in the mouth.

Why it is Not a Total Ban

There have been concerns about the total ban of sugary beverages, however, and NHS understands that there are some patients who may need the accessible beverages to improve their low sugar levels. According to NHS, they will still have access to what they need.

The reduction of such items for sale is merely an act to control obesity, and “a big healthy step in the right direction”. Along with the proposed change, the NHS also encourages a shift to healthy foods in their hospitals.

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Patients who wish to safeguard their dental and overall health will have to show their participation in such changes. They are also encouraged to follow a change in their food preferences at home.