Missing Teeth and How They May Ruin the Quality of Your Life

Man from Tamworth with Missing ToothA lot of people believe that missing or losing a tooth does not have any humongous effect on their life. Many of them think they can get away with it because they do not have concerns about their appearance.

The thing is, missing or lost tooth/teeth may have effects on the overall quality of your life and not just your looks. They come with numerous complications, such as jawbone deterioration.

No Tooth = No Bone Stimulation

When you lose a tooth, you do not just have to worry about having a gap in your mouth. You also have to worry about the health of your jawbone. The jawbone area where your tooth used to be will no longer receive stimulation, which is a must to retain the bone health. And the sad truth is that even if you get a denture, it will only serve the purpose of filling in the gap, but it will not deliver the much-needed jawbone stimulation.

This is where dental implant services come into play.

How Implants Differ from Dentures

Dentures, one of the most common dental appliances used for replacing a single, multiple or even an entire set of teeth, differ from implants in many ways. Although advancements in today’s dentures have made them more reliable and the Oral Health Foundation says they fit snugly over the gums, they still cannot prevent jawbone disintegration. This is because there is no form of direct attachment with the appliance and the bone.

Implants, which Castle Ceramics consider a fixed replacement for lost teeth, connect directly to the jawbone, which means that when you invest in these appliances, you do not have to worry about deterioration. They also look and feel like natural teeth, so you do not have to worry about them looking like the odd one out.

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Although dental implants cost more than dentures, the benefits and advantages they deliver outweigh this extra expense.