Make the Most of Your Bath Escapade

City of Bath, Somerset, EnglandBath is overflowing with thrilling attractions and must-see places. You can easily lose your way chasing after each of them.

It is advisable to book one of the hotels in or near Bath city centre so you can maximise your stay and make the most of your trip.

Travelling to Bath

Bath is a world heritage spa city located in the United Kingdom. Its UNESCO World Heritage Site designation is all because of its more than two-kilo years-old natural hot spa water bath, aptly called The Roman Bath.

But it’s not only the baths (especially that huge Thermae Bath Spa, which opened in 2006) that are famous in Bath. There are many other Bath attractions that are worth visiting, including the following:

The Royal Crescent. This beautiful architecture piece had been around since the late 1700s. Whilst the building is actually in the shape of a half moon instead of a crescent, no one could argue how stunning it looked from the outside. It also helps that there are many other things impressive about it, including the fact that it is well maintained and uniformly furnished in period style.

The Holburne Museum. If you want a walk down memory lane, this newly reopened museum is the place to be. It is packed with antiques, century-old paintings and thrilling exhibits. It likewise has a café where you can relax and unwind.

Jane Austen Centre. Fans of the world-renowned literary artist could have a good time discovering Jane Austen’s life whilst she was calling Bath her home. You will likewise get snippets of her books as you go.

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With so many amazing attractions to discover in Bath, it is important that you choose your accommodation carefully. A cosy hotel in Bath city centre is a formidable choice, as it will keep you close to the most beautiful spots to discover in the city.