Keys to Attracting the Right Kind of Love

Happy CoupleIf you’re one of those people who think love is a fairytale, you may have a list of qualifications of your ideal guy. The truth is you don’t need any list to seek a special someone or attract the right kind of love. With the proper attitude, you can find someone who can make you feel happy and love you even in moments of imperfections.

LUMA – Luxury Matchmaking and other professional matchmakers in Chicago share the keys to attracting the right kind of love:

Being Genuine Matters

Finding real love begins in being true to who you really are. It’s always tempting to please others or do what everyone considers common or normal. If you, however, change your personality just to be liked by another person, you are not being authentic. If you want to find someone who will love you for who you are, show your true self. Always remember that authenticity attracts people.

Be the Best Version of Yourself

Showing the real you matters, but it’s still important to look your best when meeting another person. You sure look for someone who looks nice, clean, and healthy, so do the same for yourself. This means taking care of your body, wearing proper clothes, and making yourself look and feel better. Keep in mind that like attracts like, so be the person you want to attract.

Be Willing to Connect

You cannot find love if you resist meeting other people or fear dating. Finding that special someone requires the willingness to open up and connect with those who are around you. Be willing to engage in conversation even if you don’t think the person is the one for you. By practicing connection and openness, you can be more ready to meet and talk to someone new, which may lead to a happy and a long-term relationship.

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Don’t look for the perfect person who meets all your qualifications. Strive to be authentic, open, and the best version of you, to have a life partner. Set the right foundation and always be confident in your ability to find and attract the right kind of love.