How to Travel in Japan Like a Pro

Osaka Castle in Osaka, JapanGoing on a trip overseas can be an eye-opening experience. In fact, there are tours around Japan that you may find on the Internet. But surely, there are things you need to bring whenever you travel abroad.

One Life Adventures outlines some of the things you need to do or get when you visit Japan.

Comfy shoes that you can easily slip on and off

Japanese are known for their high regards when it comes to showing respect, especially when they’re in other people’s houses. So, bringing a pair of shoes that you can slip on and off can make it easier for you to remove the shoes every time you’re in ryokans, temples, and even restaurants. You don’t need to wear traditional wooden clogs. All you need is something that’s comfortable to wear and a pair of shoes that don’t require lacing or untying.

A JR Pass if you’re planning to go to other parts of Japan

Getting a Japan Rail or JR Pass is a great way to tour around Japan for less than the actual price. For at least $250, you’ll be able to ride any JR line for seven days. Not only is it quite affordable; it also has an option to change the menu language to English.

Consider packing lightly

Unlike other countries, Japan is relatively easier to navigate when you have a small bag. Since most tourists in Japan rely on its railway networks, carrying a huge luggage can come at a cost. So, consider packing lightly and bring only the essential things when you travel to Japan.

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Going to Japan is a great experience, especially if you are trying to immerse yourself in a different culture. Getting assistance from a travel company can ease all your problems and make your trip more enjoyable.