How to Be the Best Chalet Guest this Winter

Holiday Skiing TripExcited for this holiday skiing trip? The thought of a warm bath in a tub, a burning fireplace and a glass of champagne served to you after a sliding down slopes of snow can send shivers down your spine.

Before you make the trip uptown, however, there are a few things you should remember about chalet etiquette:

1. Show Up on Time for Meals

Before letting them run out in the snow, tell all your children to come back before dinnertime. The host prepares the meals and fixes up after you — being tardy will only upset them. Be punctual and respect each other’s time.

2. Pre-Book Your Pets

Ski chalets in St. Anton allow pets with a small fee, just as long as you let them know beforehand. Make sure to contact your chalet host before bringing along your dog with you on the trip so that they can prepare necessary accommodations.

3. Leave Ski Shoes Inside the Boot Room

There is a designated ski boot area for a reason. After a long day of skiing in the snow, make sure to drop your gear in the boot room before entering the living room and bedroom hall. Your host will appreciate it.

4. Tip Well

It has long since been a tradition that guests tip the host at the end of their stay as a gesture of gratitude. Remember that your host spent days away from their own families to entertain yours — an extra “thank you” will make their holidays a little warmer.

5. Promise to Endorse Them

This is one thing that most guests forget to do. Hosts value your presence as much as you value theirs. Letting them know you are recommending them to your friends — and actually doing it — will leave a good impression with them.

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Just keep in mind that a chalet is not your home and a chalet host is not your personal servant. Knowing and showing proper chalet decorum will make your vacation enjoyable without being a bother to anyone else.