Holy Land Tours: 3 Must-Purchase Souvenirs

IsraelFinding your way through the massive outdoor markets and shops in Jerusalem is a no mean feat. For you to get the best authentic pieces to take home, you require insider information.

This article makes your LDS Israel tour from Cruise Lady even more amazing by narrowing down three items you should consider purchasing. Some of the stuff available here are entire of the radar for a majority, while others are downright amazing. Read on.


Local jewelers have formulated and developed a wide range of Holy Land-themed jewelry pieces. You have the liberty to select from the wide range of artisan jewelry such as bracelets, earrings, his or hers rings, and Hebrew-named neckpieces, among others. The best part is that all the jewelry is unique and as such, you’ll be sure to take home a unique piece from your tour.

Dead Sea Cosmetics

Cosmetic items will make excellent gifts for everyone in your family. These products are of high quality, as they are packed with plenty of natural minerals and vitamins, and are available at very affordable prices. You can select combos that incorporate body baths, face masks, scrubs, and toners, or purchase single items as you wish.

The Judaic Decoration Collection

If you’re after something unique and a little more Jewish, then the Judaic collection is a must add to your shopping list. These items are made by mixing conspicuous colors on modern or ancient designs to make the products stand out. They include beautiful Jewish symbols such as kippot, challah bread covers, garment embellishments made of glass or metal, candle holders, decorative glass beads mounted on a rod for house decoration among others.

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Modern Israel, particularly Jerusalem, is a mosaic of culture displaying different historical eras, religions, and livelihoods. The influx of tourists in the recent past has made the artisanal aspect of the city even more colorful and productive. This ensures that you, as the visitor, gets as much as you can to take back home.