Garage Business: Open Your Own Vehicle Repair & Inspection Business

Garage BusinessSo you want to turn your love of cars into a career. If you’d rather spend the entire day tinkering with automobiles than do anything else, an auto repair business is a good choice for a career.

Here’s how to start your small auto repair business.

Sign Up for Training

You may already know a thing or two about vehicles and how they work, but it is always better to get some formal training. Look for a college or some other institution that offers auto mechanic training and get certified. With formal education in this field, you will receive more knowledge, including how to run your business, price your services, and business and marketing concepts.

Look for a Location

Your location has a huge impact on how successful you are in your endeavor. Think about purchasing an existing auto repair shop, or lease an existing garage for your new business. The area should be wide enough for a few vehicles to fit, with enough room for moving around as you work on them. Find a location that’s near a highway or a similar area where lots of vehicles pass.

Get Financing

The financing side is probably where you need a proper business plan, so make one; ask a lawyer for help. When considering the amount you need to loan, consider the lease or selling price of the garage, at least one hydraulic lift, tools and equipment, and everything else, such as an industrial stool or two, work table, etc.

Be a Vehicle Inspection Station

This is one way to have a steady stream of income. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and the Department of Public Safety are the offices you need to visit to find out how you can be certified to inspect vehicles officially. Of course, you will need more equipment if you also want your garage to be an emissions inspection center.

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With some marketing, you can make your business more profitable. Most customers, when satisfied with your service, will become repeat customers for years and probably refer you to people in need of car repairs.