Fruits of Labor: Benefits and Compensation for Energy Workers

Energy Workers  Nuclear workers who have work-related illnesses because of exposure can seek help and treatment from the government and accredited health institutions to avail of home health care services and receive other forms of benefits and compensation. 

Any type of work entails different privileges. Some work, however, has more perks than the other especially if the amount of work is more, or the nature of work is riskier — like working at a nuclear facility. In as much as nuclear reactors can destroy vast lands and wipe out cities and the entire human civilization, working at a nuclear site is no different. Working at a nuclear facility exposes workers to nuclear radiation, thus, the government of the United States enacted the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA) in October 2000 to give benefit to energy workers

Taking care of energy workers 

EEOICPA ensures the compensation of both former and current employees, and even their survivors, who were diagnosed with work-related sickness caused by radiation. Some of the most common sickness that workers suffer from are radiogenic cancer, chronic beryllium diseases, and chronic silicosis among others as a result of being exposed to radiation, beryllium or silica while employed in such facilities. Aside from monetary compensation, workers are also entitled to medical benefits including home health care from medical institutions that acknowledge EEOICPA.

These medical institutions are designed to assist EEOICPA home health beneficiaries. As part of their service, patients are offered professional care and assistance from nurses round-the-clock. They are also assisted in bathing, meal preparation, mobility and transport as well as in doing basic house chores. 

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A new chance in life 

Home healthcare facilities give nuclear-exposed workers a new chance in life through good quality healthcare provided by medical professionals. For some medical institutions, when one is proven eligible to acquire the benefits of EEOICPA, home health services could be provided at no-cost.

Should unfortunate events happen, such as loss of life of the patient due to the severity of the disease, these institutions, and the government will also assist the family in completing paper works as well as in compensation.

Give yourself and your loved ones the chance to make use of the benefits of your life’s work. Consider EEOICPA and determine how the program may help you.