Food Safety at Home: 3 Simple Steps to Ensure Your Food Supply Is in Peak Condition

Practicing Food Safety in BrisbaneFollowing safe steps in food handling, cooking, and storage are necessary to avoid foodborne illnesses or contaminations. The problem is you can’t easily see, smell or taste disease-causing bacteria. This is why safe food preparation along with storing them is so important because E. coli or salmonella is not something you can joke about.

Luckily, these can be avoided with proper knowledge of safely preparing your food even at home. If you’re wondering how, here are some basic and simple steps that matter:

Wash & Clean Completely

Bacteria can often spread throughout your kitchen. It may get onto your utensils, plates or other surfaces around your cooking area. The best way to make your kitchen uninviting to them is through constant cleaning and washing. This includes your hands before and after handling, no matter what activity you’ve done.

Separate to Avoid Cross-Contamination

This is true especially when you’re dealing with raw meat and other poultry and seafood products. If possible, use a different set of cutting board, knife, and container for dry and fresh goods to uncooked and raw products. Never place a cooked meal on a plate or bowl that previously contained raw meat, poultry or seafood.

Handle Fresh Produce with Care

To avoid damaging or bruising of your produce, a fruit and veg supplier in Brisbane suggests that you handle them with care. Heavier and harder items must be put at the bottom, while the soft ones should be on top. Once you’re already at home, you must promptly put away the produce. Just make sure that your refrigerator is cleaned and sanitised. Otherwise, it may trigger the growth of different micro-organisms, which causes spoilage and diseases.

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All foods when handled properly can be safe. Most incidents of food poisoning happen due to the negligence of safety and sanitation. So if you want to enjoy a fresh, healthy, and delicious meal, be sure to follow these basic food safety guidelines.