Five Fears That Contribute to Dental Phobia

Dental Phobia in LaytonFew people look forward to visiting their dentist. Many feel some level of stress when they have to seek dental care. Of the apprehensive ones, some are so fearful to the extent of avoiding dental care professionals.

Here are five fears that contribute to dental phobia and how to overcome them:

Fear of the Unknown

Seeing a new family dentist in Layton may be scary. The thought of receiving an unfamiliar dental procedure may also be frightening. To overcome such fears, Hillfield Pediatric & Family Dentistry suggests you get to know your dentist. Before scheduling a dental appointment, ask them if they have some time to talk. Talking will help you know the person behind the mask and understand what to expect during the scheduled dental procedure.

Fear of “Scary” Dental Equipment

The thought of the dentist sticking weird, sharp, metallic tools in your mouth may send shivers down your spine. Overcome this fear by requesting to hold those tools first. They won’t seem so foreign and bizarre afterward.

Fear of Loud Noises

Loud noises in the clinic may scare some people, especially when the noise comes from sharp, piercing metallic tools. If you’re apprehensive about the noise, wear earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones when in the clinic.

Fear of Losing Control

Some people find it hard to relax in a dentist’s chair. While some individuals may have a bad back, a significant number has fear of losing control. If you have control issues, try to let go of your demand for certainty.

Fear of Choking

Some people feel stifled when they have to breathe through the nose alone. Since the dentist has to work in the mouth, mouth-breathers may not like the experience. If you’re a mouth-breather, your dentist may give you nasal strips to help you breathe through your nose. Some nitrous oxide may also help you relax and breathe comfortably.

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Dental phobia is common, but if you fear the dental visit, your oral hygiene will suffer. There will be consequences on your general health and self-image. Talking to a friendly family dentist is the key to overcoming any fears you may have.