ECTT Hails Cambodia as the World Best Tourism Destination for 2016

CambodiaFrom the asunder state of civil unrest and war, the nation of Cambodia has finally recovered and transitioned itself as the premier location of natural beauty and spectacular culture.

The illustrious World Best Tourism Destination award this year, with 30 participating countries, officially proclaimed Cambodia as the best place to be this 2016.

Land of Superstitions and Picturesque Natural Scenes

Cambodia’s entry to the competition titled, “The Land of Magic-The Place Where Gods And Kings Build the World!” won the competition against equally impressive countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, France, Portugal, Serbia, Belgium, and Montenegro among others.

“Cambodia was previously famous for war and conflict, but now it is renowned for its cultural [heritage] and eco-tourism,” said Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Tourism Development Isn-Progress

The European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT) conferred the prestigious title to Cambodia for the nation’s impeccable cultural and historical accounts and incredible natural resources last June 15, 2016. Apart from the main title, the ECTT, which is comprised of 28 members of the European Union, also named the Kingdom of Cambodia as “Favorite Cultural Designation in 2016.”

With all the recognitions, Tourism Minister Thong Khon said that the tourism sector in the country is poised to generate a healthier growth and expects to beat the 4.8 million tourists who visited last year — which is also already 6.1% more than their expected output in 2014 — generating over $3 billion in revenue and creating over 600,000 jobs.

Projected Growth

Cambodia currently holds two UNESCO World Heritage cultural sites: the 12th century Angkor Archaeological Park in Siem Reap and the 11th century Preah Vihear Temple in Preah Vihear provincial proper. Khon also expresses his excitement over the commercial impact of the successful tourism campaign, which will undoubtedly unravel the potential of other sectors as well.

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“Cambodian tourism will help develop the country [as] countries that previously won ECTT’s annual tourism awards went on to experience significant increases in inbound European tourists. More European tourists will visit Cambodia, which pushes socioeconomic development in a sustainable manner,” he added.

Hotel Industry Sector

Despite the brimming travel and tourism success over the recent years, the hospitality industry of the Kingdom is yet to mature. This means that as the influx of new markets continue, the tourists can expect better services every time they go back.

“Cambodia, now proclaimed World Best Tourist Destination, must transform this perfect opportunity and universal limelight in a base for attracting investors in the field of hotels and hospitality to cater for the millions that will find their ways to the Kingdom of Wonders and Land of Magic,” said Pavel Avramoiu, director for Hotel Management and Evaluation at ECTT.