Dying for a Low-Budget Ski Holiday? Read This!

Young couple snowboarders in a ski resortYou and your beau may be so busy with work for several months that at some point, the both of you have unintentionally neglected your relationship. To make up for lost time and strengthen your bond, you decided to go on a ski holiday in Val D Isere.

Here is how to afford it without breaking the bank.

Since you do not have kids, ski during the low season

Bear in mind that ski holiday rates are not similar throughout the entire winter. The whole new year week and the first couple of weeks of February are the most costly season. Meanwhile, the first few weeks of December, the majority of January, middle of March and late April are typically the cheapest season.

In fact, they usually cost less than 50 percent of its original rate, and this is before any considerations on late booking discounts. The rule is to avoid New Year, half-term and school holidays.

Travel with a group

Going in a group might not sound like a romantic getaway, but this move could save you a lot. The thing is tour operators typically adore huge groups and provide free places just to lure them. You can normally estimate that out of ten people, one will go free.

The tour operators may even offer you equipment hire deals and two-for-one lift passes. Hunt around to determine what you can acquire. For instance, some ski resorts offer a free place for every big group and provide group leaders free lift passes.

It does not matter what you do or how hard you try because there is no such thing as a cheap ski holiday. However, you can follow the tips above to save more than the usual expensive ski trip, as well as strengthen your relationship and avoid financial troubles. 

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