Don’t Turn Your Back on Back Pain

Back painBack pain is the number one cause of lost work days in the US. Meanwhile, low back pain is the leading cause of disability all over the world, accounting for almost 33% of work-related disability cases.

Back pain exists in different forms: stiffness, incapacitating muscle spasms, or sometimes, dull burning sensations. Whichever the manifestation, the discomfort affects someone’s ability to do everyday tasks and their overall quality of life.

With the right intervention, back pain is highly treatable, usually with a combination of chiropractic treatments, explains. Often, your doctor needs to determine the cause to know the right treatment. Here are its three most common culprits:

Acute Trauma

Acute trauma is a result of a car accident or a sports injury. In the case of an accident, it’s easier to trace exactly when the back pain started. This kind of injury often involves sudden impacts or movements that lead to torn muscles, damaged joints or strained ligaments. The result: back pain.

Poor Posture

Standing, sitting and lying in poor positions for extended periods can have long-term negative effects on your spine. Over time, it adapts to these incorrect positions, which takes a professional intervention to cure.

For instance, sitting at work for eight hours a day, slouched over the computer, can lead to spine adaptations resulting in harmful compensation patterns. Your core exerts very little effort to support your spine, while your hip flexors and other muscles get weaker and gradually shorten.

This causes uncomfortable spinal stresses leading to premature wear and tear. Hence, back pain.

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Biomechanical Problems

You can associate biomechanical problems, such as stuck joints and muscle spasms, to the previous two problems.

For an 8-5 office worker who runs occasionally, it’s easy to have weak glutes, tight hips, weak core, and a rigid lower spine, indicating poor spine protection. In this case, harmless movements can cause intense muscle spasms as your body tries to support your spine. Again, the result is back pain.

If you’re experiencing any of these, get treatment now. Back pain, like any other health condition, is better off with the soonest medical attention.