Don’t Let Malocclusion Affect Your Gum Health

Orthodontists in Orange County Malocclusion is more of a cosmetic problem, but it can also contribute to gum Orthodontists in Orange Countydisease and create extra pressure on teeth and jaws. If not treated, it can compromise your gum health mainly because it is harder to remove plaque when teeth are improperly aligned. Early signs of gum disease include bleeding gums when brushing or flossing and halitosis or bad breath.

Biting and Chewing Discomfort

The thing is, misaligned teeth cannot fully perform their functions. Kurt Schneider, DDS notes that apart from causing issues with your bite, they can also affect your jaw joint, gum, tissue, and speech. Orthodontists in Orange County note that common complaints of those with malocclusion include biting of the inner cheeks and discomfort when chewing or eating.

Bacteria and Plaque Buildup

If you, however, have crowded teeth, bacteria and plaque can linger on the tooth surface and to the bottom of the pocket. The sad part is, the plaque is a lot more difficult to remove from crowded areas, as your toothbrush and floss cannot reach all surfaces. This may cause the gum tissue to degrade, resulting in a more serious form of periodontal disease.

Abnormal Pressure on Teeth

Improperly aligned teeth can also create abnormal pressure on teeth and jaws. The teeth that receive the most pressure or those that are subject to extreme stress can wear and chip away faster. This usually leads to a loose tooth or poor root support. The problem can intensify if you have bruxism or if you grind your teeth at night.

Treating Malocclusion

The good news is, there are various treatments for different types of malocclusion. This includes braces, surgery, and teeth reshaping. Braces are the common choice for aligning teeth, which can also help you avoid the repercussions of gum disease. Straight teeth can also lower the risks of treatments for repairing the effects of abnormal pressure like tooth chipping or breaking.

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Straight and aligned teeth can help promote a healthy smile that can also benefit your overall health. Visit your dentist to learn more about teeth straightening options and begin to enjoy healthier teeth and gums.