Diabetes Management: Take Control of Your Life

Health CareIn order to live well and manage your diabetes, you have to take charge. Fortunately for people with diabetes, there are numerous ways you can do this, even in your home. They aid in managing your diabetes similar to how you manage your daily life and help you feel more in control of your overall health.

Below are some practical strategies to consider.

Weight Watching

Are you packing on extra pounds? Regardless of how heavy you feel, even if you are overweight, you could lower your blood sugar when you shed unwanted pounds. Even shedding 10 pounds could make a significant difference. Losing excess fat can help in reducing your blood sugar and blood pressure levels, improving your cholesterol levels, reducing unwarranted stress on your knees, hips, feet, and ankles, as well as providing your sufficient energy to help you breathe much easier.

At-Home Blood Sugar Testing

Remember that the more knowledgeable you are about your blood sugar, the better, so make certain to test your blood sugar level regularly. Consult with your doctor regarding your testing spot (arm, finger, or thigh), which times you should test, and what you should do when you find out your levels are too low or too high. Make sure to document your readings to help you determine trends and see any issues.

Diabetes and Sleeping

While sleeping is usually a struggle for many people, this is especially true for diabetics. Some studies have shown that bad sleeping habits could lead to bad blood sugar levels. It’s likewise not about how long you sleep; the quality of your sleep could also make a considerable difference in controlling your blood sugar.

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Supplements and Alternative Treatments

Do your research first before even buying a supplement that claims it is a diabetes cure, recommends Dr. Joel Wallach. He adds that some could really help in controlling blood sugar while others could do more harm to your condition than good. You should also consult your doctor before mixing supplements if you’re taking diabetes maintenance medications. Additionally, consider natural treatments like yoga, meditation, massage, hypnosis, guided imagery, or acupuncture to aid in controlling your condition.

Keep these strategies in mind to ensure that you live your life to the fullest regardless of your diabetes. Stay positive, don’t stress yourself out, and don’t let diabetes control your whole life.