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MATs Maps is your premier source of lifestyle, travel, leisure, and health news and features.  As an online publication, we write for an extensive range of audience from all over the world. We help travelers, backpackers, bloggers, and tourism enthusiasts get the right dose of inspiration they need to keep them going.

At MATs Maps, we raise the game to new levels by providing relatable travel content. We discuss a broad range of topics, which includes but not limited to the following:

  • Instructions on how to travel in general
  • Flight and miles facts
  • Mingling with other cultures
  • Etiquettes and practices to live by when visiting a particular country
  • Long haul flight hacks
  • Time killers when you’re bored on a train, bus, airplane, and more
  • Local fashion and attire
  • Brief discussions about homesickness
  • Travel items and organization must-haves
  • Cooking on-the-fly
  • Traveling with a companion or a pet
  • Top destination guides
  • Food and cuisine highlights
  • First-hand travel experiences
  • What’s in my bag? Posts
  • Pros and cons of a tourist destination
  • Accommodation types
  • Travel quotes
  • Guest posts
  • Photo essays
  • Most popular places poll
  • Budget traveling
  • Healthy eats
  • Foreign language facts
  • Bucket lists
  • Travel and tourism news
  • Essential gears and accessories

Our love for writing about the different destinations in the world ultimately reflects in all of our published articles. Whether you’re looking into traveling for the first time or you’re a seasoned wanderer, we hope that our materials add value to your passion.

Browse our categories and individual topics today to help you prepare for your next travels. Happy reading!

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