Choosing the Right Wedding Venue Properly

A Newlywed Couple

A wedding is an important event. On the average, couples spend between $12,343 and $14,006 for the wedding venue. 45 percent of the wedding budget goes to the wedding venue alone. With the huge amount of money couples spend on weddings, choosing a wedding venue in Kent, must be done carefully. Here are four tips to help you choose the right wedding venue. The wedding organisers at Winters Barns give you this short guide before your wedding.

1. Estimate your budget

First, know how much you and your partner are willing to spend for the venue. There are venues that offer all-inclusive rates, and there are venues where you just pay for the place only. Take note of their other charges – such as overtime fees, set-up fees, and more to avoid unnecessary spending.

2. Size, capacity, and location

Would you like a grand wedding or an intimate one? Once you have identified the number of guests you want, start scouting for a venue that could accommodate them. Also, consider the location. Is it accessible to all guests? Make sure to ready a location map for all guests to easily find the venue.

3. Catering and supplies

Does the venue provide catering services or do you need to hire one? Venues usually have an in-house or partner catering service. You should check first if the food meets your standards before getting one. Don’t forget to check outside supplier’s fees, corkage fee or extension fees, or you may end up paying more.

4. Venue restrictions

For sure, you will have a theme for your wedding. Whether its rustic, vintage, or classic, make sure to check if the venue can suit your theme.

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Decide the specifics

While finding the right wedding venue may be hard, it is advisable to decide on the things you want first. Identify your theme, your guests, your preferred location, and your budget before you select the right one for your grand day.