Catalina Island: A Surfer’s Vacation Spot

Surfer in the tube of a waveIf you feel prepared enough to ride exhilarating waves, Catalina Island is a surfing destination every surfer must visit. Located a mere twenty-two miles southwest of Los Angeles, California, the island is the ideal getaway for surfing enthusiasts.

The best spots for surfing

It does not matter if you are a surfing veteran or if you are new to the sport. Catalina Island has something for everyone. Catalina’s waves break first on the island before it reaches the mainland. The swells, therefore, provide surfers with the best kind of adrenaline rush.

Shark Harbor

Take your surfboards and rush to Shark Harbor to experience an effortlessly accessible break. Shark Harbor takes its name from a gigantic rock that resembles the head of a shark. Though the Harbor is not a good swimming spot, it is a good surfing cove. If you are situated in any of the island’s cities, namely Two Harbors and Avalon, there are tour buses which regularly take visitors near the Cove. Situated near the beach is a campground called Little Harbor. This place is the perfect spot for a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Surfers can expect waves that measure from small to medium. Also, the relatively consistent swells are not disappointing.

Ben Weston beach

If you are looking for exciting swells, it is best to head to Ben Weston beach. This beach is situated in a remote location and is known for its exciting waves. It can be reached by getting on a bus from the city of Avalon and towards the campground of Little Harbor. You would need to trek for approximately two miles to reach the beach. Besides surfing in Catalina Island, there are other activities you can engage in such as scuba diving, kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkeling, and sailing. It also has an underwater park that allows visitors to see rays, eels, and halibut. It is difficult not to have fun on Catalina Island.

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