Brewing Beer from Different Continents

Bottle of beers in bucketCraft brewing has taken the world by storm. Maybe a slow storm in the beginning, but it has now become a truly powerful one. Microbreweries are getting set up by the thousands in different parts of the world, and people are enjoying craft beer more than ever.

Getting to know the different hops is an enriching experience, both as a brewer and a beer drinker. With that in mind, here are three popular brewing hops from three different continents.

Galaxy Hops

Galaxy hops is Australia’s most popular and most successful brewing hop. It’s good for both bittering and flavoring. It’s fragrant and has strong citrus and passion fruit tones. One of the few hops that are purely fruity with no traces of pine, spice, or floral tones. Specialty importers have taken note of Galaxy’s popularity, so it’s readily available in the U.S.

Tettnanger Hops

One example of a natural unaltered hop is Germany’s Tettnanger. In contrast to Galaxy, Tettnanger has both floral and spicy qualities that add to its mildly fruity and citrus-like flavor. Don’t confuse actual Tettnanger hops to those grown locally. So-called Tettnanger hops grown in the U.S. are more similar to the English Fuggle than the actual German hop.

Citra Hops

One of America’s favorite hops, Citra produces a more “hoppier” flavor compared to the two previous hops. Citra probably has the most citrusy aromas of all the hops you can get a hold of, hence the name. Citra hops provide hints of orange, lime, mango, grapefruit, lychee, and gooseberry in its brews — definitely a fruity and citrus experience.

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Brewing different beers can give you insights into what’s available and what’s possible. It helps you grow as a brewer and it gives those around you a taste of variety and new experiences.